Sony Portable CD-I IVO-V11 Intelligent Discman

Philips CDI

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(Actual Item In The Photo - MINT - LIKE NEW - No Box - No Manual)

tested and fully working on April 15 2012 Basic Package include: * Sony Portable CD-I IVO-V11 * Sony CD-I Official Mouse * AC Adapter Officialy named the Sony Portable CD-I IVO-V11 Intelligent Discman, this was Sony's debut into CD based videogaming. In some way this is the prequel to the famous Sony Playstation as well. Sony released two versions of their portable CD-i unit, IVO-10 and IVO-11, the latter was an improvement on the previous model IVO V10: it solved some compatibility issues and it was compatible with the standard for CD-i pointing devices. Rumoured is the IVO-V12 which might be about the (as well) rumoured digital video version of Sony's portable CD-i player. Released in 1990-1991, the Intelligent Discmans did not support Digital Video. So yes, the Compact Disc Interactive was developed by both Philips and Sony, only Sony stepped out of the format at an early stage to go its own way with the Playstation. This portable unit has an build in LCD screen and a small speaker on the right side, as well as RCA for television (or recording device). It also has a headphone jack. On the front panel it has a power switch as well as common CD playing controls like fast forward, rewind, stop, pause and play. Remarkable detail.

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