Vixen switchable 16k Ram for Commodore VIC-20


USD 35.00


(Actual Item In The Photo - Used - No Box - No Manual) The Vixen switchable 16k Ram for Commodore VIC-20 is A third party switchable cartridge with up to 16k of extra RAM memory. Switchable to 3k, 8k or 16k. the DIP switch settings for the Vixen 16K expansion: 16k: 1A 2B (8k in blocks 1 and 2) 8k and 3k: 1B 2B (8k in block 1, 3k in block 3) 3k: 1B 2A (3k in block 3) To avoid confusion i wish to explain: 1B/2B for Vic+8K +3K (BLK1 & /RAM1 /RAM2 /RAM3) 1A/2B for Vic+16K (BLK1 & BLK2) 1B/2A for Vic+3K and 8K on BLK3 (BLK3 & /RAM1 /RAM2 /RAM3) 1A/2A for Vic unexpanded and 16K on BLK2 & BLK3 (BLK2 & BLK3) The last mode can be used with a standard 8K expansion and a Vic-20 cartridge slot expander to have a Vic+24K. This Vixen switchable 16k Ram is preowned but cleaned & tested by trained technician to deliver the best working condition.

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